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World Opponent Network


World Opponent Network is looking for the mark of exellence. . For the clubs that are participating in the Charity Tourney, WON is going to place a special Bounty for club members that participate in the tourney.

People fishing for the ENTIRE tourney, will be able to collect the Bounty. Entire tourney is defined as fishing both weeks or lakes in the same club.

The Bounty..

The clubs the have the best showing will receive a Trophy Buck software in the form of a drawing for their members that fished both weeks/lakes in that club. One (1) TBuck per club. The TBuck will be drawn in same manner as the other door prizes. Only difference is that the winner will keep the software.

This is WON's way of saying THANK YOU.


****Additional News******

London Kentucky's "The Bike Shop" Has donated a bicycle helmet as an aditional door prize. Therefor no club will go with out a thankyou for their efforts.

The club showing the best results will get choice of TBuck or the helmet, then second best show then so forth until the helmet is taken by a club.