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Well this is it so far. Keep coming back to check on the latest story.


"Where you fish with your kids today will be their memorories tommorow"

Take care and leave the tires for me~

Other fishing ponds.


A Farting Fool, also my Brother-in-law

Toy stores use Ledo's house as a test site for toys. She got so many kids running around.


    My buddy, my pal....Ahhhhh!        Gimme that bow! (snap)      There, now throw the darn things!

Fun places or things to do.

???? Master of mystery and the unknown!!

Go back to the good times.      

the Master of Paint    

The Master of Writting and cool pics too1

Use the Stop Nagging Method!   Guarenteed!!!!

Who's worth what?    

Had enough, take me Home.

Take me back home.