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Fishing With Hawg

Welcome to the misadventures of Hawgmaster! Come on in and meet the gang as Ole Hawgmaster takes you on one of his adventures. Laugh and cry as he retells some of the most halarious stories. You'll meet his friends and family like:

Bonnie Sue, his cornfed wife, favorite song is McDonald's "You want fries with that?"...Red Devil, butt tooten brother-in-law,...Officer "Donut", city cop thats always there at the wrong time,... Bubba Boys, backhills fisherman (hummen the theme from "Deliverance" ... Gump, Canada's own version of Pee Wee Herman,...Bass Bandit, Hugh Hefner wanna be,...Ed the Mercinary, when city meets the country WW3 begins and Ed started it... DragonLady, fishing lady and book writer, "Fun with bread and Toxions" ...Timberwolf, Peurina puppy chow's spokesman of the year,...Iceman2, comes from where ice is 20ft thick and polar bears run scared,...Batfish, lives in the hills aint got no bills,...Legolady, got so many kids, toy stores use her house as a test site. Granny8, she must be related to Outlaw Jossie Wells cause she is a deadeye come to spittin.

And many more...Maybe YOU!

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Hawg's Adventure Stories

"Ozark Nightmare"

Hawg fishes with unusal tackle and runs into a girl scout troop!

" Canadian Goose or Gump"

Ever fish with a Canadian? Hawg meets Canada's version of PeeWee! \

" Beans and Earrings"

Hawg wrestles with problems, earrings, Bonnie Sue, officer"Donut", Red Devil and a wirey critter.

"ED the Mercenary and the Bubba Brothers in the Hood"

This story contains adult humor! Under 18 please don't enter.

"Hunting, Mountain Women and a dog named Puddenhead"

Due to work load I had to install this in chapters.


This is a special tribute to a little boy that has contrated Lukiemia.


The Christmas Goose

My first published story. And true too!

Hawg's Personal Places
Hawg's Award Page.
(Hadn't had this much attention since I farted while taking my wedding vows)

Ole' Drunks that gave something in exchange for a jug.

Hawg's Oil Paintings

With all the recovery time, a body's gotta do something.


Hawg's House

You' all wipes the clodhoppers off now, ya hear!


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